Open Cell EPDM Foam Sheet

EPDM foam rubber sheet is an acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is a supplied in a closed cell structure to seal against both air and water seepage. Our EPDM strips, often referred to as EPDM tape or EPDM glazing tape can be supplied in any volume with small orders welcomed in addition to much larger volumes. A self-adhesive backing can be applied to most of our EPDM sponge strips to aid in third hand fixing.

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Our Open  Cell EPDM Foam Sheet is an incredibly versatile, high-performance sealing material. It offers many of the same properties found in a closed-cell material in terms of durability as well as resistance to weathering, UV and Ozone deterioration. However, as an open cell material it offers superior flexibility and recovery without deformation when pressure is released. This makes it ideal for use in applications that require sealing or cushioning for irregular depths or non-uniform areas.

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4.Electrical appliances

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Specification Sheet for:EDB-15
Material PropertiesUnitTest MethodPhysical standard value
ThickmmASTM D35741-45
WidthmmASTM D35741000-1500
DensityKg/m3JIS K6767140±30
Hardnessshore cJIS K676715±5
Tensile StrengthKpaJIS K6767≥400
Elongation at break%JIS K6767≥150
Compressive strength     (25%,23℃)KPaJIS K6767≥40
Compression set             (25%,23℃,22h)%JIS K6767≤15
Ozone resistance aging test(50*10-8,Stretch20%,40℃*72h)LevelJIS K6259Level 0                  (No crack))
Operating temperatureJIS K6767-40~+130
Shock absorption performanceExcellent

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