Self Adhesive Closed Cell PVC Foam Tape

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Hollyseal®Self Adhesive Closed Cell PVC Foam Tape ideals for sealing around windows and doors. Helps keep out insects, draught and noise.Self Adhesive Closed Cell PVC Foam Tape can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Stops rattles and squeaks, cushions and absorbs shock. Ideal for die-cutting and gasketing. Used for sealing airconditioning joints. 

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1. aling ,sound insulation, shock absorption, prevent the air and moisture and dust to invade. The product can supplied many solution for the sealing of building. for example the sealing or sound insulation of housetop and wallboard, the window and door ,the floor and furred ceiling, vent pipe and air conditioner pipe

2. install glass, stick in the glass of sash, that effective seal the water and air, get to the leakproofness and structural integrity of the window system

3. curtain wall engineering, help keeping the fixed and balance space in the glass and Aluminum profiles. Service as fix glass for a short time before the solidification of silicone sealant, and stiffness half open cell of PVC foam speed up solidification, save the engineering time, the continuous length is fast and efficiently to use

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