Closed Cell Structural Glazing PVC Foam Tape

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Product Details

Product description:

Hollyseal® Closed Cell Structural Glazing PVC Foam Tape is a PVC foam tape with a strong adhesive on both side of the strip. Commonly used throughout the glazing industry to create a weather tight seal whilst being used for make and break joints.  This Closed Cell Structural Glazing PVC Foam Tape provides a high density compression sealant down one side of the tape to provide a strong acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Whilst being weather tight and chemically resistance these PVC foam glazing tapes are ideal for Glazing Screens, Internal Doors and Dust Seals.

Product structural:

● Release liner▕ Polypropylene liner  

● Adhesive▕ Acrylic adhesive

● Foam▕ PVC,black



Closed Cell Structural Glazing PVC Foam Tape is used to attach glass panels to metal frames in curtain wall systems, commercial windows and doors, skylight and canopy systems replacing commonly used mechanical fasteners, gaskets and structural silicone sealants.

Technical Information:


300-400 kg/m
Shore C Hardness40-70° 
FlamabilityUL-94 V-0 
Tensile Strength800-1100KPa  
180°Peel Strength0.82N/mm  

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