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Hollyseal®PVC foam board for door panels,the product quality after the new technology and new formulations of polymer foaming and rigorous science, pvc foam board for door panels is better than polyethylene foam insulation materials, high density closed foam structure, thermal conductivity is very low, and can fully meet the different working conditions of the heat insulation effect, is an ideal insulation material

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Hollyseal ® PVC high density foam is the new man-made material, the main component is PVC, it has the fine chemical stability, anti-corrosive and high intensity, it can be the substitute of wood, it is widely used in the building, advertisement and decoration.

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PVC high density foamare used for the heat-insulating and heat-preservation of shell of big tanks and piping in the construction, business and industry, heat insulation of air ducts of central air conditioners, heat insulation of joint pipes of household air conditioners and automobile air conditioners.


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