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Hollyseal® Closed cell vinyl foam is a high quality material that features exceptional impact absorption in a light weight format. This is an incredibly versatile material.Our Closed cell vinyl foam features high physical strength properties, which provides high dimensional stability and good flame resistant properties.It provides high dimensional stability and good flame resistant properties

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Hollyseal® PVC foam plastic is expanded Poly Vinyl Chloride with qualities that make it resistant to both moisture and corrosion. It’s a bit more porous than traditional PVC. PVC foam plastic is easily cut and is often used for mounting, backing for framing, and for making small objects and prototypes.It is a very commonly used thermoplastic sheet. PVC foam plastic is typically well known for resistance to flame, electrical, water, chemical, and abrasion in various applications.

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1.Car: Doors, trunk seals, engine shockproof materials, car lights, instrument shock absorption materials.

2.Soundproofing and waterproofing: materials for residential soundproofing walls, waterproofing and moisture-proof sealing materials for electrical appliances.

3.Insulation and moisturizing: air-conditioning insulation seals, refrigerator display cabinet seals.

Why choose us?

1. We are manufacturer more than 15 years of exporting glazing spacer tape world widely..

2. Professional design team, mold maker engineer. OEM/ODM service.

3. Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality

4. Professional sales team. Good English capabilities and communication skills.

5. Our product are in high quality

6. Keep secret to your idea and your design.

7. ROHS approved and SGS report passed

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