Expanded Pvc Board

Hollyseal® PVC foam board 10m is closed cell products, generally of low-density construction exhibiting firm support, low attenuation characteristics and good durability as well as weather resistant, flame retardant and are especially oil resistant.PVC foam board 10m is used for cushioning, vibration dampening, and shock absorption. These products are die-cuttable to customer specification.

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Expanded Hollyseal® PVC board are produced by expanding the reactive liquid in a controlled space and under tightly controlled conditions. Expanded PVC board produces a wide variety of foam densities that are used in a multitude of applications. Lightweight and rigid with excellent mechanical and structural properties, PVC core is extremely consistent in cross section and bonds well to resin and laminate constructions. Like balsa core, scored and cut PVC conforms to mold contours and is used across market and product segments including marine, wind energy, transportation and corrosion.

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1. Acoustical panels

2. Display and exhibit materials

3. Thermoforming

4. Photo mounting


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