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Why Use Foam Tape?

Apr 27, 2018

Foam tape is one of my company mainly produces the product, the product use the material of special good, performance is particularly much, is widely used in the construction industry is also used and recognized and welcomed by the people, today let's take a look at why you want to use foam tape, the specific have what use?

The technical specifications of the product consistent with the performance of thermal insulation material, at the time of use, installation juncture place of fire prevention and wet resistance performance is not affected, so as to maintain the effect of the installation is perfect or not, and the appearance of beautiful, to ensure better heat preservation effect, thermal insulation tape is designed is applied in pipe joints and valves, or complex shape parts, to prevent the amount of heat and cold system, control the production of gel, reducing noise and vibration, the product can also be applied to air conditioning systems in areas such as the water pipe and air duct, with glue and fixed, energy conservation, environmental protection, it is also very simple operation, easy, It can be used with thermal insulation materials to improve the resistance of water penetration in the joints of insulation materials.

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