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What's The Difference Between Sound Absorbent Cotton And Soundproof Cotton?

Nov 21, 2017

Sound-absorbing cotton has a silencing effect, that is, the sound energy into heat. The soundproof material it is indeed blocked the spread of sound, but easily lead to acoustic reflections.

Good sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials, such as our main purpose is noise, then put it bluntly is to noise "disappear." Such as "gradient sound-absorbing cotton," which is a laminated ladder density of porous materials, which are connected to the hole inside, the sound goes in and material wall friction, energy conversion, and ultimately achieve the purpose of attenuating acoustic energy.

You directly attached to the glass wool insulation wall, the election of the material should have some effect. You have two situations: one is the use of the material itself has no effect, this with the material, the structure has a relationship, you use the gradient sound-absorbing cotton will find that effect; the other case, that is, regular sound-proofing cotton Installation should be filled in the keel inside, and then sealed with a plate. This means that the installation can maximize the effect, the direct way, if good materials such as gradient sound-absorbing cotton is effective, of course, the sound insulation effect or keel installation with a certain difference. Of course, you can also use high-barrier sound-felt, the material of its sound insulation effect is quite significant.

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