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What Material Is EVA And What Is Its Role

Apr 22, 2020

EVA refers to ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and its rubber-plastic foam materials. EVA inner support is used between the packaging of various small and medium-sized products and the product itself. Different shaped packaging supplies. He plays the role of shockproof, moistureproof and fixed to the goods.

EVA is used as the middle packaging and fixing material for all kinds of wine, maintenance products, beauty skin care products, electronic products, hardware equipment.

EVA tool box, EVA bag, etc. are produced by EVA raw materials, color masterbatch, foaming agent after high temperature shaping and shaping. It is a one-piece structure, with different shapes, quantities and sizes of depressions inside to match the shape, quantity and size of the product.

The role of EVA is divided into coarse-hole EVA, ordinary EVA, food-grade tasteless EVA, fire-proof EVA and anti-electric EVA according to texture.

EVA products are made in one form by computer, and some require manual bonding. It has different hardnesses such as 38 degrees, 50 degrees, and 70 degrees. The colors can be white, black, and color. Different names such as inner box and EVA tray.

EVA is made by copolymerization of ethylene and acetic acid. EVA is a material that has rubber elasticity at room temperature and can melt and flow at high temperature. In addition to rubber elasticity and melt flow, EVA material can also be made with high hardness and scratch resistance. Wear-resistant materials. The inner lining can be sponge, EVA, etc.