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What Kind Of Glue Can Stick Together With The Foam And Metal?

Sep 23, 2017

Thickened double sided white foam tape.

Thicker EVA foam, elastic, pressure, can quickly restore the status quo, temperature 80 degrees, waterproof in general, when used in outdoor (1mm-10mm), high-quality EVA foam, Can not be directly washed by rain. Suitable for small objects fixed, nameplate paste, and has the role of sealing, shock absorption. Instead of strong adhesive for bonding, fixed, all kinds of plastic (feet) pad filling. Applicable to the nameplate, posting of the advertising industry, plastic parts, metal products, signs, signs, glass, jewelry, hooks, bathroom accessories and other fixed.

Adhesive strength: 1, sticky metal / iron / steel / aluminum / metal frame: good. 2, sticky plastic / hard PVC / PS: excellent. 3, sticky soft PVC / PE / PET: excellent. 4, sticky ceramic / tile / marble / wall /: good. 5, sticky wood / foam / wood frame: excellent.

Deqing Sanhe Rubber&Plastic Co.,Ltd were set up in 2002,We have professional foaming and cutting equipment with mature technologies, With complete quality assurance system based on domestic and overseas advanced Management experience and models, having passed ISO9000 certification.

Our main produces are of rubber and plastic slices, rolls and pipes for vibration prevention, acoustic absorption, heat insulation, seal, dust proof, filtration, etc. of various project, ship, locomotive, machinery, sports equipment, building, life utensil, etc. of complete varieties, top quality, high precision and standards.

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