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What Is The Sound Insulation Material?

Apr 13, 2018

Acoustic damping rubber.

As the foundation of automobile sound insulation engineering, the sound insulation damping rubber is the main component of the automobile sheet metal, which can be used as the base material for the damping of the whole car.

Deadening insulation cotton

Sound insulation cotton is a kind of cotton with fibrous structure, sound-absorbing materials, environmental protection accord with the requirement of car interior country compulsive standard, flame retardant, water proof, applicable parts, auto parts in automobile sound-absorbing insulation service applicability is wide and high cost performance of a product.

Bonnet heat shield.

Hood parts specialized automobile sound insulation materials, more than by the structure of the fiber cotton + perforated aluminum foil, to cope with the heat of the engine compartment, the sound insulation material can provide a layer of protection to the hood paint, especially the opening of the aluminum foil design more to stop the engine heat reflection, protect the engine cabin all kinds of wire from high temperature baking, avoid premature aging, and even affect the service life and driving safety.

Car seal

Automotive sealing strip is from Malaysia to import environmental protection rubber material, good resilience, oxidation resistance and application in four door the door position, for car body sealing effect, sensitive to high speed wind noise, construction is convenient, the best choice for automotive sealing material cost-effective.

Round arc plate

Round arc plate is for tire noise and road noise of special products, the material of this product USES the suede material, with good cushioning performance of ShaShi Road round gravel hit arc has cushion, with leaves at the same time to reduce the noise insulation, cut off the noise transmission channel.