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What Is The Role Of The Pipe Bracket? What Materials Are Generally Made?

Sep 13, 2019

Pipe support role:

1. Understand the self-weight of the pipeline and allow the self-weight of the pipeline to be within the allowable circumference.

2. Increase the rigidity of the pipe to avoid excessive deflection and vibration.

3. Control the size and direction of the thermal displacement of the pipe system to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline and its connected equipment.

According to the material of the bracket, it can be divided into steel structure, reinforced concrete structure, brick and wood structure.

Extended data

Some requirements for the manufacture of hangers and hangers.

1. Installation height of flat bracket: The bracket below 4 meters below the ground is 1.5~1.8m away from the ground, preferably 1.65m. If the floor is 4 meters away, it will be evenly distributed.

2. The pipe clamp bolts should be exposed with 2 to 5 pitches, and the meson should be installed to tighten the nut.

3, the bracket must be first painted and then installed, according to the regulations should be two times anti-rust paint, plus two coats of topcoat.

4. All holes of the bracket must be drilled, and gas cutting holes must not be used.

5. The depth of the expansion bolt should fully consider the thickness of the batch layer.

6. Promote the use of shared brackets. For some brackets used in large areas, it is advisable to first make a sample to make a point.

7. The horizontality and verticality of the pipe bracket are preferably ±1 mm/m.

8. If the bracket bottom plate is replaced by angle steel, it should be larger than the main profile and rotated 90°.