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What Is The General Use Of Foam Tape?

Feb 21, 2018

1, with excellent rapid joint performance, mainly is suitable for surface is rough and irregular surface, is generally used to paste nameplate, identification, mirrors, maps, etc., also in sound and shock absorption, packing for electronic accessories, such as glass panel pad fixed role.

2. It can also be used in the buffer of mobile phone (loudspeaker and microphone), front frame/backlight frame buffer.

3. Foam rubber double-sided tape is used for the insulation gasket, buffer and seal of hard disk, and apply to the light shielding around the LCD.

It for curved surface, concave and convex, in general, the experimental data, which can effectively solve the heavy pieces of extension, troubling problem such as fracture, at the same time it has a good impact and absorbent, with good compression with sex, processability.