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What Is The Function Of Soundproof Cotton?

Aug 28, 2018

1. After the door is soundproofed, the door closing sound becomes extremely dull and heavy due to the effective filling of the cavity inside the door, and the sound will sound more comfortable.

2. After the front and rear covers, the firewall and the bottom plate are soundproofed, the engine's harsh valve whistling sound is filtered out, leaving only the low idle speed and the vibration feeling under the foot. After the temperature of the water tank rises, the tachometer drops to 1000 rpm. When I was idling, I felt it in the car to hear that the engine was running. There was almost a feeling of flameout. At this time, I turned on the sound and listened to the music, and found that the effect was significantly improved. In the past, the volume had to be adjusted to a large level to suppress the engine. The noise. The feeling of the car on the road, the tire noise and road noise are mostly suppressed at low speed, accelerating to 2500 rpm engine to send a dull low, and soon the speed up to 120 miles, the speed still has a certain room for improvement, the stability of the car Significantly increased, when the road was bumpy and uneven, the four doors were squeaking and the feeling of falling apart was gone, and the shock absorption performance of the vehicle was significantly improved.

3. Reduce and effectively alleviate the metal fatigue of the chassis and prolong the service life of the vehicle body.

The cause of metal fatigue is due to the uneven structure inside the metal, which causes an imbalance in stress transmission, and some places become stress concentration areas. At the same time, there are many tiny cracks in the defects inside the metal. Under the continuous action of the force, the crack will become larger and larger, and the part of the material that can transmit the stress becomes less and less, and the metal member will be completely destroyed until the remaining part cannot continue to transmit the load.

According to the expert's certification, any kind of metal will have fatigue under the repeated action of various external forces, and once it is fatigued, it will have serious consequences because it cannot be recovered. According to statistics from more than 150 years, more than 80% of the damage in metal parts is caused by fatigue. In our daily life, the phenomenon of metal fatigue is also caused. For example, if the bicycle on the road suddenly breaks the front fork, the shovel is divided into two grades when the plane is grounded. The simplest analogy is that a thin wire repeatedly bends a dozen times and breaks at the bend. reason.

In the course of daily driving, the chassis of the car will inevitably withstand hundreds or even thousands of vibrations. It is the most prone to metal fatigue and the most worthwhile protection because of the safety and transfer value of the car. The middle chassis is a big factor. If the chassis is sound-insulated, the good sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing effect of the sound-insulating cotton is adhered to the chassis, which will effectively slow down the vibration of the chassis and eliminate the metal fatigue of the chassis.

4, good waterproof performance, to avoid sheet metal corrosion.

The waterproofness of the economy car is generally not high. If the car door is dismantled immediately after washing the car or rain, most of them can clearly see the water droplets and water inflows in the door. Sometimes they do not dry for a few days, and the time is long. It is easy to rust the door sheet metal; after the door is soundproof, the sound insulation cotton is directly adhered to the door iron, and the good waterproof performance of the soundproof cotton will effectively prevent the contact between the water vapor and the door sheet metal, and play a role of rust prevention.

5. Effectively reduce and absorb the vibration energy of the metal parts of the car body, slow down the wear of the parts and prolong the life of the parts.

Before the sound insulation, many car owners have the most headaches. If they find that there is a pit in front, they have to slow down slowly. Sometimes they don’t slow down in advance, they only bite their teeth and bite their heads. The sound of the door slammed, the whole car is falling apart, I believe many riders have the same feeling. This kind of situation lasts for a long time, the door pull rod, the connection, the door lock and other places where the friction and vibration are more inevitable will inevitably be damaged. After a long time, it will feel that none of the four doors are not soundless, and the whole car is slightly speeded up. Loud, lack of driving safety.

After the sound insulation of the door, the sound insulation cotton is affixed, which enhances the integrity of the door and the shock absorption performance. The vibration energy that was originally required to be shaken 3 times or more can be absorbed and resolved. Or the vibration does not occur at all, and the result is that the feeling of passing the crater becomes very comfortable, but the dull sound of the sigh is over, the comfort of driving is improved, and the probability of damage to the door switch components is also reduced.

6, protect the hood surface paint

7, insulation

The sound insulation of the soundproof cotton is used to soundproof the ceiling, not only to block the sound of raining when it rains, but also to match the chassis and the four-door soundproof cotton. It can also effectively block the cool sunlight of the summer sun and keep the air temperature inside the car. In the winter, there is also a corresponding effect of slowing the heat dissipation inside the car (feeling like wearing a cotton jacket