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What Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Tape In Use?

Mar 17, 2020

   Earlier we talked about how to distinguish the quality of foam tape, how to see if impurities are added to the high temperature resistant tape, so what is the difference between good and bad tape in use?

   Those who have used high-temperature-resistant tapes know that if products that do not pass the quality are used, there will be doubts such as non-use in the later stage. After a long time, they will be separated and lose their original function. There are many impurity-doped fiber tapes in the market. When packaging professionals use them for packaging, they will collapse after a period of time, and they cannot be pasted again, especially in low-temperature environments and windy More noticeable in dry conditions.

   In addition, if you use inferior double-sided tapes, they have the defect of low strength, which makes them easy to break. However, if it is a regular company, the tapes they produce have a higher density of paper tubes, no paper dust on the cut surface, and paper tubes. The thickness of the tape below 100 meters is 3 mm, and the thickness above 100 meters is 4 to 5 mm, so when choosing a double-sided tape, you must pay attention to its width and thickness. Also note that there will be some inferior high temperature tapes. Imperceptible gaps.

Foam tape is a disposable consumer product, which has a great relationship with energy. Some companies may cut corners in order to reduce costs. The products produced in this way may not have any doubts on the surface, but they are not so effective when used. , So in order to achieve the expected effect, we must choose a double-sided tape product with quality assurance when selecting the product.