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What Is Foam Adhesive ?

Oct 23, 2017

Foam is a rubber, also known as sponge rubber, which is characterized by non-corrosive foam model, sponge-like porous structure of vulcanized rubber. There are openings, closed cells, mixed holes and micropores of the points, can be made of soft rubber or hard rubber products. Light, soft, flexible, easy to heat transfer. Foam rubber with shock, ease the impact, insulation, noise and other effects, made of synthetic rubber also has oil, anti-aging, chemical resistance and so on. Widely used in automobiles, aircraft, chemicals, daily necessities and other industries, for insulation, sound insulation, shockproof materials, and system cushions, mattresses, medical machinery, health supplies, sporting goods. Can be added to the raw rubber foam agent (such as ammonium carbonate, urea, azobisisobutyronitrile, etc.) or the concentration of latex by mixing into the air, and then by the vulcanization of the use and characteristics of foam.

 First, the bubble glue Uses:

 Foam is suitable for all kinds of soft material self-adhesive and hard material with each other. Such as foam, sponge, leather, PVC soft material, KT board, plastic film, soft fiber and other hard materials: metal, aluminum, organic board, glass, wood, stone, tile and other sticky, suitable for decoration and advertising The use of steel works and office blackboards.


Second, the bubble plastic Features:

Foam plastic raw materials synthesis products, the use of benzene-free mixed solvent, is environmentally friendly products, no special smell, the table dry fast, paste fast, good water resistance and other characteristics.