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What Is EPDM Foam?

Mar 23, 2020

EPDM foaming performance: EPDM has full saturation and high flexibility. It is a general-purpose synthetic rubber with excellent chemical stability and aging resistance, impact elasticity and low temperature performance.

The key to EPDM foam production: composition, process conditions, and the matching of vulcanization and foaming are the keys to successful production of good performance EPDM foaming materials. It is important to study the vulcanization characteristics and foaming characteristics and their matching to guide the determination of foaming process parameters in actual production.

EPDM foaming applications: EPDM foaming products are widely used as sealing materials, thermal insulation materials and shock-absorbing materials in various fields such as automobiles and construction engineering.

The use of EPDM foam brings a lot of benefits. This is inseparable from its performance, so some automotive constructions will use this kind of aging and impact resistant EPDM foam products.