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What Are The Characteristics Of Heat Insulation Cotton?

Jun 21, 2018

Heat insulation cotton is a new type of fireproof material, which has a certain fire protection effect, is not easy to burn, and is automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source after special material and process processing.

The thermal insulation and flame retardant cotton has the characteristics of permanent flame retardant, moisture absorption, breathability, soft touch, long elasticity and good heat insulation. When it burns, there is only a small amount of flue gas, which does not dissolve and release toxic gas. It has the effect of self extinguishing and keeps its original shape after carbonization.

The biggest difference between the heat insulation cotton and the ordinary cotton is that the ordinary cotton is flammable. If the cotton cloth is on fire, it burns faster and is more prosperous, and the heat insulation cotton is relatively considered in this respect.