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What Are The Applications Of Colored EVA Foam?

Feb 17, 2020

EVA is also called colored EVA foam. It is commonly used in black and white colors. Colored EVA materials are rubber products made of EVA foam materials, which are generally red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, green, gray, and brown. Both can be produced.

Due to the small quality of colored EVA foam and the low specific heat capacity of the shock-proof material, the appearance of the EVA material acts as a cooling channel due to the large number of gaps cut. Therefore, it is necessary to insulate the foam board to prevent the temperature from falling rapidly after the material is extracted from the oven or the heating plate, and it is impossible to meet the temperature requirements of the thermoforming process.

Colored EVA foam is widely used in medical, electronics, electrical, hardware, lighting, handicrafts, appliances, etc. because of its irreplaceable advantages of other packaging materials, such as: Packaging of high-end gifts and fragile goods such as furniture and toys; it is also often used in the footwear industry because of its non-slip and wear resistance. It can be recycled and used repeatedly with relatively little harm to the environment.