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Weather Resistance

Jun 14, 2017

The ability of pigments to withstand various climates. These include visible and ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature, atmospheric chlorination and chemical agents encountered during the use of the product. The most important weather resistance, including the fastness, powder resistance and physical properties of durability. Organic pigments are good and bad because of their different structure. In addition, in the formula containing white pigments, the weatherability of pigments can be severely affected.

The fading, darkening, or tonal changes of pigments, usually caused by the reaction genes of pigments. These reactive genes can interact with water or chemicals in the atmosphere--acid and alkali. For example, cadmium yellow in water and sunlight will fade, Li Solhon has a good light resistance, suitable for most indoor applications, and in the containing acid, alkali components of outdoor use when seriously faded.

The determination method of hydrogen chloride was Jis-k-6723 and the temperature was 180 Shan. The time for dechlorination of vinyl chloride complex is based on the 5%, 10% intervals, and the negative value indicates accelerated decomposition.