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Use Of Sealing Tape

Jan 15, 2018

In real life, with the progress of the society, sealing materials are also growing. The field of its application is also quite extensive, including building, automobile, high temperature resistant industries. The application of sealing tape is quite extensive.

1., we need to carry out the sealing and sealing treatment of the upper lap of the lap joint, and clean up the dust impurities at the ends of the joint or the ends of the coil. It is a special waterproof material that can be compatible with the brush evenly and the coil and the adhesive sealing tape. It is worth noting that there should be no leakage or accumulation when the waterproofing glue is painted, and the general amount of paint is about 0.1kg/m2.

2., when the base treatment agent is dried 20min or so, when the fingers are basically touched, the side of the double-sided tape should be aligned, so that the edges or the ends of the end coil should be lapped. The tape will be opened and pasted on the coil. At the same time, the paper will not be torn away.

3., when the sealing tape is finished, the paper can be torn off and the rollover rolls can be turned back in time to seal the joints of the rolls which are coated with base treatment agent on the other side. When the joint is glued, it should be pressed in order by the handheld pressure roll at the seam to make it stick firmly.

4. of the water level requirements of the waterproof layer, single-sided adhesive tape should also be in joint border paste with the appropriate aluminum foil composite film coated with polyester or butyl waterproof sealing tape for additional enhanced sealing treatment.

At the end of 5. after the completion of construction, the roof parapet and around the waterproof layer of the first and take joint comprehensive use of single-sided and double-sided waterproof sealant for processing.

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