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Use Of PVC Foam Materials On Sound Insulation Board

Jun 04, 2020

As a secondary product that absorbs sound and isolates sound, sound insulation boards are used by many companies or factories. Needless to say, the sound insulation board can be manufactured, and the sound insulation board has great functions. The information must not be bad, this information is the PVC foam material.

PVC foam data, its chemical properties fluctuate, can be an effective buffer, anti-vibration. It is generally used in packaging of goods that are fragile and fragile, and have weak impact resistance. Fundamentally, the use of this material can replace foam, or sponge, and it is easy to cut the cost. I am also very expensive. So less than a year after it went public, it lost general recognition.

On the other hand, the loss of widely recognized PVC foam materials has gradually been incorporated into other industries. One of them is the construction of roads or the use of sound insulation panels in the construction and decoration. Using it as a raw material is cheap, and the effect is much better than other materials. In addition, this kind of material can be insulated without water absorption, and it will also be used in the design of insulated lunch boxes to fully develop its potential talents.