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The Role Of Insulation Car Soundproofing Cotton

Jan 15, 2018

With the popularization of economic cars, more and more people are becoming a family of cars, and the grade and level of life have also changed qualitatively. But, dear friends when you enjoy the life of the owner, rides in the car, when there is no car for excessive noise and distress: Conversations with passengers to want to enjoy the music to shout and wrangle, even up to the maximum volume also do not feel the effect, long drive back is exhausted, the noisy noise in the car long time lingering lingering in the ear.

According to the test result, the maximum noise can be tolerated by human body value is 85 dB, while driving a common economic type of car speed, the car noise often up to 90 decibels, and the faster the speed, the greater the noise; imagine, in such a noisy environment would have no effect on the health of occupants body: hearing, vision and strength decreased, blood pressure, heart annoying noise, the slow response of the brain, will happen great hidden dangers buried for traffic accidents.

As a result, the new technology of automobile noise reduction and noise reduction, with the theme of creating peace and comfort, came into being. At present, more and more car owners have joined the ranks of sound insulation and noise reduction, and have received obvious effects. Many owners generally feel that their vehicles have risen a grade after they feel the sound insulation.  The main results are as follows:

1, after the door sound insulation, door inner cavity is effective filling, closing sound extremely dull and heavy, from "clang" sound into a "puff" sound, sounds very comfortable, no past that broken Gong like thunder

2, front cover, firewall and floor sound insulation, engine valve piercing whistles were filtered out and only a sound and vibration of the feet, the water tank temperature rises, the tachometer dropped to 1000 rpm, idling in the car carefully feeling to hear the engine is running, there is an almost stalled at this time, then turn on the stereo feeling; music appreciation, the effect has been improved obviously, and the past must keep the volume to suppress the noise of the engine greatly. The car on the road feeling, low speed tire and road noise most is suppressed, up to 2500 to the engine to make a dull growl, fast speed to 120 mph, there is still some space to improve the sense of speed, stability of the car increased sharply over the pit road four chaos ring, falling apart the feeling is not, significantly improve the damping performance of vehicle.

3, reducing and effectively alleviating the metal fatigue of the chassis and prolonging the service life of the body.

The cause of metal fatigue is due to the uneven structure of the metal, which causes the imbalance of stress transfer, and some places will become the stress concentration area. At the same time, there are many tiny cracks in the defects inside the metal. Under the continuous action of force, the crack will become bigger and bigger. The stress part in the material will be less and less. Until the rest part can not continue to transmit the load, the metal component will be destroyed.

According to expert certification, any kind of metal will produce fatigue under the repeated action of various external forces for a long time. Once fatigue is generated, it will cause serious consequences because of failure to recover.  According to the statistics of more than 150 years, more than 80% of the damage in metal parts is caused by fatigue. In our daily life, the phenomenon of metal fatigue is also harmful. As the road walking on a bicycle fork suddenly broken, when the plane picks from One divides into two., playing a simple analogy, a piece of thin wire will be ten times repeatedly bending at the bending point of fracture is the truth.

In the car driving process daily chassis will inevitably have to bear hundreds even thousands of times the vibration, are the most prone to fatigue, is the most worthy of protection, because the driving safety and the transfer of the value of the car chassis is accounted for a lot of factors. If chassis soundproofing is applied, the sound absorption and damping effect of sound insulation cotton will be applied to the chassis effectively, so that the chassis vibration will be effectively slowed down and the chassis metal fatigue can be eliminated.

4, good waterproof performance, avoid sheet metal corrosion.

Is generally not high waterproof economy car, if you wash the car or open the door immediately after the rain, most can clearly see the door entry into water and water marks, sometimes for a few days to do a long time easily corroded metal doors; door sound insulation, sound insulation cotton is directly adhered to the iron door. The use of waterproof insulation cotton good performance can effectively prevent water vapor and the door sheet metal contact, has anti rust effect.

5. Effectively reducing and absorbing the vibration energy of the metal parts of the body, slowing down the wear of the parts and prolonging the life of the parts.

Many owners in a sound before the headache is the most pit over the ridge, as long as found in front of a pit will have to slow down, sometimes a bit distracted didn't slow down in advance, only painful teeth bite the bullet over the pit, four doors, the voice of the whole car Mao solicitation Mao solicitation, are falling apart, I believe that many riders are have the same feelings. This situation will continue to persist. There will inevitably be damage to the places with more friction and vibration, such as door pull rod, connection, door lock and so on. For a long time, it will feel that the four doors are not noisy and airtight. The speed of the whole car is ringing, and the whole car is ringing. There is a lack of sense of driving safety.

The construction of sound insulation door, because the paste insulation cotton, enhance the integrity of the door and shock absorption performance, can make the original tremor energy needs most of the 3 or more times to release the absorbed solution, only a vibration or no vibration, the result is a feeling of the pit be very comfortable, but a sound dull past, driving comfort is improved, the probability of damage to the door of the switch part is reduced.

6. Protect the surface of the cover of the engine cover

The effect of heat insulation cotton insulation good, paste in car hood, which can effectively avoid the engine temperature directly to the engine cover, in order to protect the engine cover the surface of the paint, while avoiding the rain hood misty sight.

7. Heat preservation

The effect of heat insulation cotton insulation, sound insulation of the roof, not only can block rain rain beat, with the chassis and four door insulation cotton, can also be effective barrier to the summer sun and cool air, keep the air temperature inside the car, in the winter there is a corresponding slow car heat effects (like to the same car jacket).

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