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The Difference Between The Pipe Bracket And The Bracket

Sep 13, 2019

1, the definition is different

Pipe support: Pipe support refers to a structural member used for overhead laying of pipelines. It is divided into fixed bracket, sliding bracket, guiding bracket, rolling bracket and so on. Pipe supports are used in any place where pipes are laid, and are also called pipe supports, pipe parts, etc.

Bracket: In industrial plants, due to industrial or transportation needs, it is necessary to remove the column on a certain axis, so that the bracket should be set in the large opening position, and the truss of the column should be removed. The brackets are mounted on the posts at both ends.

2, the role is different

Pipe support: It is the support structure of the pipeline. According to the running performance and layout requirements of the pipeline, the pipe rack is divided into fixed and active. The place where the fixed point is set becomes the fixed bracket. The pipe and the pipe bracket cannot be displaced relative to each other. Moreover, the deformation of the fixed pipe frame after the force is small should be small compared with the deformation value of the pipe compensator because the pipe frame should have enough The stiffness.

Bracket: The bracket is also called the bracket beam because of the function of the lifting beam. The truss supporting the intermediate truss is called a bracket, and the bracket generally adopts a parallel string truss, and the web has a herringbone system with a vertical rod.

3, different classification

Pipe support: divided into three levels according to load: special light (Q), intermediate, special (Z). In each load level, there are four types of structure: axial sliding, two-way sliding, guiding sliding, and double guiding sliding.

According to the material of the bracket, it can be divided into steel structure, reinforced concrete structure, brick and wood structure.

According to the use, it can be divided into a movable bracket (a bracket that allows the pipe to be displaced on the bracket) and a fixed bracket (a bracket that is fixed on the pipe). The fixed bracket is used in places where the axial displacement of the pipe is not allowed. Several commonly used fixed brackets are shown in the figure.

The movable bracket is divided into a sliding bracket, a guiding bracket and a rolling bracket.