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The Difference Between Single-sided Foam Tape And Double-sided Foam Tape

Mar 14, 2020

Foam tape can also be called foam tape, foam tape points a lot of kinds of types, the most common is the single foam tape with double-sided foam tape, single what is the difference between the foam tape with double-sided foam tape?

Coated foam tape is cool polyurethane, polyethylene and natural rubber, neoprene, PVC foam substrate coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides. They are in the application of construction market. Limited to bonding the signboard, mirror, etc. That sort of things.

Single coated foam tape is made of polyurethane, PVC, neoprene, foam or other foam coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The application of gaskets, stop-water bands, sound insulation and absorption vibrations in active houses. When used in the gasket, can make the roof, heating tube around the pin and the vertical plate between abate noise and vibration absorption. Prefabricated houses around the window frames and doors mainly used is single coated adhesive tape. In this type of application, and felt strip, plastic and metal tensile bar and tube type gasket produce competition.

The difference between single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape is that the substrate is different, one belongs to one side and the other is double-sided.