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The Difference Between Single - Sided Foam Tape And Double - Sided Foam Tape

Aug 30, 2017

Foam tape can also be called foam tape, foam tape is divided into many types, the most common is the single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape, single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape What is the difference?

Double-sided coated foam tape is made of polyacrylamide, polyethylene, neoprene, PVC and natural rubber foam on both sides of the substrate coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Their application in the construction market is limited to adhesive plaque, mirror, etc. Something like that.

One-sided coated foam tape is based on polyamide cool, PVC, chloroprene rubber as the substrate foam or other foam coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. In the activities of the housing in the gasket, water stop, sound insulation and absorption of vibration applications. When used in a gasket, it is possible to weaken noise and absorb vibration between the roof nail, the heating tube and the vertical plate. The movable housing industry mainly uses single-sided coated tape around the window frame and the door. Of the application, with the felt, plastic and metal stretch and pipe gasket to compete.

Single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape difference is the first substrate is different, one is one-sided bonding, the other is a double-sided adhesive

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