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The Difference Between Insulated Cotton And Soundproof Cotton

Jun 21, 2018

The difference between insulated cotton and soundproof cotton

1, the functions of these two materials are very similar, but their sound insulation principles are different. After the heat insulation cotton is found, the sound of the fiber in the sound wave and material causes the energy after the impact to become heat energy, so that the sound wave is weakened until the sound is disappearing.

2, the heat insulation cotton's silencing effect is better, can turn the sound wave into the heat energy, until the sound disappears. Sound insulation cotton has the function of obstructing sound transmission, and can also cause reflection. The main purpose of using this material is to reduce noise and, of course, to eliminate sound is the best.

3, the use of sound insulation cotton: with the effect of waterproof, sound insulation, so used in the chassis of the car can not only reduce noise, but also have thermal insulation, protection of the effect of car paint.

4, heat insulation cotton is safe and environmental protection, no glue is produced in production, so there is no harmful gas in use. However, like glass fiber cotton and polyester fiber sound absorbing board, the material is easy to be powdered, which is easy to cause skin itching and allergy.