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The Correct Method Of Sticking PVC Foam Double Sided Tape

May 26, 2020

1. Before placing the plate, we place the plate, tape and the plate cylinder at the same room temperature for a period of time;

2. The plate and the plate cylinder must be cleaned before mounting.

3. If the plate is pasted on the sleeve, the minimum air pressure must be used to prevent the sleeve from deforming;

4. The joint of foam double-sided tape should be staggered with the joint of printing plate;

5. When sticking the tape, it is best to use a rubber scraper to sweep the tape evenly on the roller in a parallel sweeping manner, and there should be no air bubbles between the tape and the plate roller;

6. Before determining the position of the printing plate, avoid premature contact between the printing plate and the tape. After determining the printing position, remove the protective layer of the tape while attaching the printing plate to the tape in a parallel scanning manner;

7. When cleaning the printing plate during the printing process, avoid contacting the cleaning solvent with the tape to avoid damaging the tape;

8. When removing the printing plate from the tape, the angle between the printing plate and the tape should not be greater than 90 degrees.