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The Advantages Of Car Foam Tape

Feb 24, 2018

Car foam tape has good adhesion and durability, as well as super adhesion. So it is widely used in different industries.

Car foam tape for automotive trim, automotive glass, car pedals, seals, Langban, arc, retaining flow, plate brake lights, the car at the Department of plate bonding fixed. PE foam tape is based on PE foam, coated with high-performance oily acrylic adhesive on both sides, with flexibility

Car foam tape is widely used in automotive interior parts, door trim, rain stop, signs and other fixed paste. Strong adhesion, shock absorption performance, weather resistance and strong. Automobile, motorcycle signs between the bonding, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural bonding fixed.

Automotive foam rubber with strong adhesion Weather resistance, waterproof, solvent, anti-aging, to provide an excellent effect on the uneven surface. For the electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, automotive interior and exterior decoration, signs, brand names, accessories and so on.

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