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Jun 14, 2017


PVC Resin Softening point is low, about 75-80 Shan, embrittlement temperature is lower than -50, most products long-term use temperature should not exceed 55 Shan, special formula can reach 90 Shan. If the PVC resin is pure head-sex interface afraid of linear structure, internal no branch and unsaturated key, although the C CL bond can be relatively small, the stability of polyvinyl chloride resin should be relatively high. But even a highly purified polyvinyl chloride resin, which has long been Shan over 100 or ultraviolet radiation, has been escaping hydrogen chloride. The presence of a sharp group or an unstable structure in its molecular structure is described. The longer the time, the more degradation, the higher the temperature, the faster the degradation rate, in the oxygen or air there is a decline in the solution faster. [6]

Electrical properties

Polyvinyl chloride is a polar polymer, the water and other conductive material affinity, so the resistance is smaller than the Non-polar Polyolefin, but still have a higher volume of electrical yin and breakdown voltage. The polar group of polyvinyl chloride is attached directly to the main chain, under the glass temperature, the dipole chain segment is restricted by the main chain atom of the frozen structure, so it does not move, so it does not produce the dipole-polarization effect, and can be used as high frequency insulating material at room temperature. The electrical insulation of the suspension resin is 10-100 times higher than that of the float resin when the wire is insulated. The presence of chlorine ions produced by degradation reduces electrical insulating property.