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Soundproof Damping Material(1)

Apr 13, 2018

When it comes to car insulation, it is believed that many car owners would like to have a clear look at the composition of soundproof. The primary component of the noise to be introduced is the local butyl rubber, which is the basic material for the sound insulation of the car. Shallow butyl rubber is made up of isobutylene and isoprene polymerization in a - 100 ℃ echoes of polymer. The butyl rubber product is divided into ethane solvent, and then the halogenated butyl rubber can be made with chlorine or bromine. The function of butyl rubber first by polyisobutylene main chain and the saturation of bottom structure is selected, the unsaturation is only 0.5% 3.3% (mol) ∽ is about 1/50 of the natural rubber. The halogenated butyl rubber is used primarily for the lining of cars, trucks and aircraft tyres, and the shallow butyl rubber can be used to produce rubber tubes, bicycle tires and balls in cars. Medical bottle stopper, sealing sleeve and medical adhesive plug and other limitations. A very special and witty use of butyl rubber is the mouth.

So let's check out the strengths of butyl rubber:


Gas in the polymer dispersion rate associated with the thermal activity of polymer molecules, butyl rubber side in molecular chain methyl display dense, limits the thermal activity of polymer molecules, and ventilation rate is low, good air tightness.

The invariance of the heat

Butyl rubber vulcanizates has excellent heat-resistant invariance, sulfur vulcanized butyl rubber can be at 100 ℃ or lower temperature in air for long time use, butyl rubber vulcanization with resin using temperature is 150 ℃ 200 ℃ ∽. The thermal oxygen aging of butyl rubber is degradation and the aging trend is softening.

Sex suction can

Butyl rubber molecular structure of double bond, shortage and side chain methyl distribution density is larger, thus has the winner receives, the characteristics of the vibration and impact energy within a wide temperature limitations (∽ - 30-50 ℃) butyl rubber rebound characteristics are not greater than 20%, the standard clear clear butyl rubber receives the mechanical function of the talent is better than that of other rubber. Damping properties of butyl rubber under high strain rate is inherent, polyisobutylene chain segment in a flood degree, it is not affected by using the temperature, degree of saturation, the influence of sulfide and formulation changes shape. Therefore, butyl rubber is the ideal noise attenuation data at that time.