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Quality Inspection Method Of High-viscosity Foam Tape

May 27, 2020

1. We can take a closer look at the appearance of high-viscosity foam rubber to see if there are burrs in the surrounding area. For example, if there are burrs and damages, this is a defective product. This is a simple visual inspection method.

2. Observe whether there is a crack on the high-viscosity foam tape. If so, it is caused by a gap in the slitting blade or the blade itself is not sharp enough.

3. Observe whether the edge of the high-viscosity foam glue sticks together.

4. Observe whether the slitting end face of the high-viscosity foam rubber is neat and whether the elasticity of the rewinding is the same. If the slitting end is not regular, it will directly affect the inconsistency of the tension of the subsequent rewinding.