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PVC Board Different Types Of Appearance Characteristics

Jun 24, 2019

creases with the increase of temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC are good, and its elastic modulus can reach 1500-3000MPa. The soft PVC has an elasticity of 1.5-15 MPa. The friction of PVC is generally, the static friction factor is 0.4-0.5, and the dynamic friction factor is 0.23. PVC sheet is basically divided into PVC hard board, PVC soft board and PVC transparent board.

PVC board

1, PVC hard board appearance: smooth surface, smooth, no cracks, no bubbles. The color is generally gray, white, and can be used for blue, black, and micro-machine color; PVC hard board is processed into various acid-resistant and alkali-resistant chemical equipment. Widely used in chemical, electroplating, smelting, water treatment industries, PVC fabrics used in the construction and decorative materials industry as a template, the demand is very large. But it is not suitable for food containers.

2, PVC soft board: PVC is added to the flexible sheet of plasticizer and other auxiliary materials.

Soft board appearance: The surface is smooth and flat, and the texture is soft and tough. The colors are white, green, red, gray, black and so on.

Use; It is used for lining of acid and alkali resistant and anti-corrosion equipment. It can also be used as general electrical insulation and sealing gasket. The use temperature is -20~40 °C.

3, PVC transparent hard board, the surface is smooth and flat, with flame retardant, insulation, moisture, heat, corrosion, impact resistance, no deformation, anti-light, anti-fading, good weather resistance and so on. Widely used in shockproof, anti-corrosion containers, equipment electrical shields, light boxes, construction, hardware decoration and interior and exterior decoration.

4, PVC transparent soft board, smooth surface, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-aging, tensile, light transmission, long service life, etc., can be used as a civil decoration, but also As an industrial board, it is mainly used in shops, shopping malls, factory aisle curtains, table tops, etc.