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Precautions For The Use And Storage Of Polyurethane Foam

Oct 23, 2017

First, the polyurethane foam adhesive Note:

Polyurethane foam cans of the normal use of temperature +5 ~ +40 ℃, the best use of temperature +18 ~ +25 ℃. Low temperature conditions, it is recommended that the goods in the +25 ~ +30 ℃ environment temperature 30 minutes and then use, to ensure its best performance. The temperature range after curing is -35 ° C to + 80 ° C.


 Second, the use of polyurethane foam Note:

 1, polyurethane foam glue is a wet curing foam, should be sprayed on the wet surface, the greater the humidity, curing faster. The uncured foam can be cleaned with a cleaning agent, and the cured foam is applied by mechanical means (sanding or cutting). After curing the foam will be yellowed after exposure to ultraviolet light, it is recommended that the surface of the foam after curing with other materials (cement mortar, paint, etc.). After the spray gun is used, wash it immediately with a special cleaning agent.


 2, replace the tank, the first tank to shake (at least shake 20 times), remove the empty cans, quickly put the new material tank to replace, to prevent the gun connection curing.


3, the gun flow control valve and trigger can control the size of the bubble flow. When the jet stops, turn the flow valve clockwise.