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Pipe Hanger And Hanger Installation Requirements

Sep 13, 2019

The installation of pipe supports, cranes and brackets shall comply with the following requirements:

1. The fixed bracket should be tight, fixed and firm in contact with the pipeline.

2. The hangers and hangers without hot-extended pipes must be installed vertically.

3, the position must be correct, when laying, it should be flat and firm.

4. The sliding bracket should be flexible, and the sliding bracket and the chute should have a gap of 3 to 5 mm on both sides, and the longitudinal movement amount meets the design requirements.

5. The hangers and hangers of the heat-extended pipe should be slightly offset in the opposite direction of thermal expansion.

6, fixed on the building structure, hangers can not affect the safety of the overall structure of the structure.

Extended information:

Some basic requirements for the manufacture of hangers:

1. The frame must be painted first and then installed. According to the regulations, the anti-rust paint should be applied twice, plus two coats of topcoat.

2, flat bracket installation height: 4 meters below the floor bracket 1.5 ~ 1.8m from the ground, with 1.65 meters is the best.

3, the road card code bolt exposed to 2 to 5 pitch is appropriate, and should be installed flat meson, tighten the nut.

4. All holes must be drilled, and gas cutting holes must not be used.

5, advocate the use of shared brackets. For some brackets used in large areas, it is advisable to first make a sample to make a point.

6. The horizontality and verticality of the track support are preferably ±1 mm/m.

7. If the bracket bottom plate is replaced by angle steel, it should be installed with a larger angle than the main profile and rotated 90°.