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Performance And Scope Of Waterproof EVA Foam

Feb 17, 2020

For waterproof EVA foam, its range of use is also very wide. Waterproof foam tape is a new type of tape that adopts the unique LSV technology with low odor and low VOC and a small individual bubble structure. It adopts special polyethylene foam technology combination, which has excellent properties such as thinness, softness and water resistance.

At the same time, waterproof EVA foam has very small compression deformation, high sealability, good energy absorption, strong recoil, high dimensional stability, and high processing efficiency. In addition, the foam has excellent temperature resistance, flame resistance and Weather resistance, in addition, it also has non-slip, shock resistance, aging resistance, water resistance and other properties. Generally the thickness is 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4Mmm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.1mm, etc. This product is suitable for portable computers and mobile phones, which play the role of shock absorption, protection and does not affect metals. Can also be used for some instruments such as feet.

Second, the performance of waterproof EVA foam:

1. Ultra-thinness: The world's thinnest foam is 0.1mm, which supports ultra-thin compounding and miniaturization of products

2. Water resistance: the best material in the field of waterproofing, reaching the national standard of waterproof foam

3. Dust resistance: Foam has excellent dust resistance

4. Low rebound: prevent deformation of panel and frame

5, shock absorption: up to 55% shock absorption rate, excellent choice of shock and buffer

6, high temperature and humidity characteristics: stability and weather resistance in harsh environments

7, softness: Although it is thin, it is very soft and has good compression properties

Application range of waterproof EVA foam:

1. Gaskets for cushioning and dust-proof of LCD or case of mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PSPs, etc.

2.Keyboard board cushioning and dustproof washer

3.Camera washers for cameras and camcorders

4.Speaker anti-shock, buffer, dust-proof gasket

5, LED shading, dust-proof gasket

6.Various waterproof gaskets

7, window fixed