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Modification Method Of PVC

Oct 18, 2019

PVC resin is a polar amorphous polymer, density: 1. $number $literal, glass transition temperature: 87 Shan, so the thermal stability is poor, difficult to process. Can not be used directly, must be modified mix, add the relevant additives and fillers before use. Because of the different types and fractions of additives and fillers, it is determined that the properties and requirements of the prepared PVC materials are not the same. We usually call the PVC formula, strictly speaking, PVC modified formula, and PVC only after modification to use. This category is often classified as polymer modified materials. The modification of polymer material revolves around the high performance of general plastics, the transformation of single component materials into multicomponent material composites (alloy, blending, compounding), the function of materials, and the optimization of performance and price. The modification method is mainly chemical modification, filler modification, enhanced modification, blending modification and nano-composite modification. The basic principle of modification is to give material function or improve some properties by adding. Therefore, the PVC formula technology, determine the technical and production capacity of a factory to compete.

PVC General first to modify granulation, with the screw extruder to prepare particles, plasticizing more fully, processing is easier, especially the process is injection molding products. Screw extruder is one of the most important equipment in plastic forming process, which is formed by solid conveying, compaction, melting and shearing of plastic through external power transfer and heat transfer of external heating elements. Screw extruder Whether as a plastic granulation machine or molding processing machinery occupies an important position strictly speaking, with special requirements of PVC products, PVC modified formula, is tailored to customer requirements. There is the polymerization of PVC in the production process, such modified varieties have vinyl chloride copolymer, polyvinyl chloride blends and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.