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Knowledge Of The Use Of Foam Tape

Dec 31, 2017

Q: how will the performance of tape change in the environment of high temperature and low temperature?

Answer: when the temperature rises, the glue and foam will soften, the bond strength will decrease, but the cladding property is better. When the temperature is reduced, the adhesive tape will harden, the bond strength will rise, but the cladding becomes worse. Performance of the tape as the temperature returned to normal and return to the original value.

Question: after the parts are pasted, how to remove the parts?

Answer: Generally speaking, this is difficult, unless it is in a short time after the post is posted. Before taking off, you need to soften the surface of the component, soften it off or cut the foam with a knife or other tool. The residues of glue and foam can be easily removed with 3M special cleaners or other solvents.

Q: is it possible to lift the tape again after bonding?

Answer: if the components are made of light point pressure, can lift after re paste. But if it is all compacted, it is difficult to remove it. The glue may be contaminated and need to be replaced. If the component is posted for a long time, it is more difficult to remove it and usually replace the whole component.

Question: how long can we remove the isolation paper before sticking the tape?

Answer: the air has a small effect on glue, but the dust in the air will stain the surface of the glue, thus reducing the sex of the adhesive tape. So the shorter the time the glue is exposed in the air, the better. We suggest that the tape be attached immediately after the isolation paper is removed.