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Introduction Of The Main Functions And Related Principles Of Sound Absorbing Sponge

Apr 24, 2020

Sound absorbing sponge is a kind of very mature technology and low cost solution to reduce noise. It is made of ordinary sponge after high pressure molding. It was first used in recording studios, conference halls, KTV and other places. With people's increasing desire for a comfortable living environment, sound-absorbing sponges began to enter the family. As an auxiliary structure of the wall, it can meet your needs for creating a quiet environment. Of ventilation.

Sound absorption principle:

The sound absorbing sponge achieves noise reduction and sound absorbing effects through the back and forth reflection of sound waves in the sponge. It is understood that when the laying area is greater than 3 square meters, good sound absorbing and sound insulation effects can be achieved.

Tip: Weakness of sound-absorbing sponge

The sound-absorbing sponge itself is prone to dust accumulation, and the inferior sound-absorbing sponge has excessive formaldehyde content or contains other pollutants. Please carefully select qualified products. Recommendation: Lay the sound-absorbing sponge to professionals

Sound-absorbing sponges are usually 20mm-90mm thick, and industrial finished products are usually 1m x 1m, or 1m x 2m. According to customer requirements, fireproof glue can be applied or cut and punched into any shape. If there is a need to apply a sound-absorbing sponge in the user's room, it is best to explain this requirement to the designer of the decoration company during the decoration, or to ask the merchant to provide the laying service when purchasing.

Generally, it is not necessary to lay a sound-absorbing sponge in the whole house. The half-wall can be laid on the whole wall at most. The general retail price of the sound-absorbing sponge is about 35 yuan / square meter. Various special types of sound-absorbing sponges—with flame retardant, conductive, and heat insulation The sound-absorbing foam required is slightly more expensive.