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Influence Of Pigments On Electrical Insulating Property Of Polyvinyl Chloride

Jun 14, 2017

As the cable material of polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene, should consider the electrical properties after coloring. In particular, polyvinyl chloride because of its own insulation than polyethylene, so the impact of the pigment is even greater. It is indicated that the selection of inorganic pigments for PVC is better than that of organic pigments (except for furnace black and anatase Titania).


Mobility occurs only in plasticized PVC products, and when dyes or organic pigments are used. The so-called migration is in the surrounding solvents in the presence of a part of the soluble dye or organic pigments, through the plasticizers penetrated to the surface of PVC products, those dissolved dye (pigment) material particles are also brought to the surface of the product, so that the result of the solution of color, solvent infiltration or frost.

Another problem is scaling. Refers to the coloring agent in the coloring process, because the stain is poor or incompatible with the substrate from the system, the deposition in the processing equipment surface (such as extruder barrel inner wall, mouth mold hole inside the wall).