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How To Remove The Foam Double-sided Adhesive

Aug 30, 2017

In life, in order to fix some small cloth reported loss, parts often used adhesive glue, especially the foam double-sided adhesive, very practical; but sometimes it needs to remove it to restore the appearance of bonding parts, a lot of friends feel More headaches, in this small series to introduce a way to remove:

Solvent cleaning method:

Regardless of the adhesive tape, the main material attached is a number of chemical organic or high molecular substances, you can use a similar compatibility principle to remove, for example, you can use 120 # gasoline wetting foam double-sided adhesive bonding site, a Will be wiped with a towel to remove, especially clean; Moreover, if there is no gasoline, you can pour a little wine soaked with a towel also down, but the effect is slightly worse than gasoline;

The other is the same, the adhesive tape bonded to the glass is also available

foam tape.jpg

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