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How To Install Sound Absorbing Cotton

Nov 21, 2017

The first step, the original wall smooth, do a good job of early wall treatment.

Second steps, keel, between the keel and the wall to retain a centimeter distance, respectively fixed below the sound insulation ceiling and floating above the ground.

The third step, the keel gap filled with sound insulation cotton (according to the need to choose bulk density, 35Kg/m3 or other specifications), acoustic wave in the cotton hole migration process, realize the sound energy conversion heat, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the sound energy.

Fourth step, keel outside package, can choose gypsum board or sound insulation board, if necessary, can be installed on the outside of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, in order to achieve better sound insulation effect.

Sound absorbing cotton is a common building sound insulation material, and has good sound absorption characteristics. It can be made into wallboard, ceiling and space absorber, which can absorb large amount of sound energy in the room and reduce noise.

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