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How To Improve The Sealing Of Foam?

Aug 10, 2019

In many cases, foam plays a role of cushioning and damping, and also plays a role in sealing. When sealing is good, sealing is an important point. Improving the sealing of foam is to improve the performance of foam. So what is the way to improve the performance of foam, let us tell you about it.

Sealing performance can be improved by:

1. Increase the amount of compression: the higher the compression, the better the sealing.

2. The surface of the foamed crust: The product with the epidermis reduces the probability of leakage of the contact surface.

3, with glue: double-sided tape can reduce the probability of contact surface leakage, even if the amount of compression is not large.

4, consistent resilience: can ensure that all contact surfaces have a resilient effect.

5. Increase the area of foam: increase the path through which the leak will pass.

All of the above are ways to improve the sealing of the foam, I hope I can help you.