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How To Choose The Right EVA Processing Material

Mar 19, 2020

Because EVA foam material contains a large amount of air or other gas inside, it is not suitable for circulation. Especially closed-cell foam material has completely separated independent cells. The material can significantly slow down the heat transfer and has a very low thermal conductivity. It also combines the softness of the material itself with good resilience.

EVA foam processing can be used as an ideal thermal insulation material for automobiles, ships, home appliances, electronic equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, and air-conditioning pipes. For closed-cell foamed materials, the spaced-apart cells, combined with the hydrophobic properties of the selected rubber or plastic material, can prevent water vapor from penetrating, making it an ideal sealing EVA material. The rubber itself is known for its high elasticity. After the rubber is processed into a foamed material, it still maintains a very high resilience. This kind of rubber is very suitable for cushioning high-elastic shock-proof areas.

The open-cell foam material communicates with the internal cells and the cells, and also communicates with the outer skin. It is a non-independent cell structure, mainly larger cells or coarse cells. Therefore, in the EVA processing, we should choose whether to close the hole EVA material according to the actual needs of the customer, in order to make products that meet the customer's needs, and improve customer satisfaction.