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How To Choose A Good Foam Tape?

Feb 22, 2021

Electrical tape is used for wire wrapping and wire insulation, relates to the safe use of electricity, so choose a roll of good insulation tape, each electrician has to face the problem, PVC electrical tape on the market a lot, how to choose?

First of all, starting from the appearance of a roll of tape, good electrical tape, color should be uniform, the section should be smooth, no convex volume, no glue overflow, because if there is glue overflow, that the adhesive glue has been aging, the use of the tape around the head, will not be long before you release the serious consequences caused by leakage.

Then, we can pull the tape, hand feel tape opened the peel force and the rubber surface viscosity, generally speaking, tape peel force can be moderate, if not too light winding wires, it is too heavy for you to pull the tape workers and easily pull deformation. Glue surface adhesive stronger, but not more sticky the better, because of the characteristics of rubber, the rubber surface to do rough, it proved that the glue is very bad, the glue is easy to rot.

Finally, we take the tape to a long hard times, look at the white belt, if the tape color did not change or only had a little change, that the substrate tape without or only with a little bit of filling material, if the tape colors become very white, the manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, in PVC substrate in add a lot of filling material, reduce insulation tape.

So, a roll surface formation, moderate viscosity, no or only a little bit of white electrical tape, is a good electrical tape.

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