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How Many Meters Does A Fire Pipe Have A Bracket?

Sep 13, 2019

Fire hose 6.5 meters a bracket.

Fire-fighting pipelines are pipeline materials used for fire protection, connecting fire-fighting equipment, equipment, fire-fighting water, gas or other media; due to special requirements, the thickness and material of fire-fighting pipelines have special requirements, and red paint is sprayed to deliver fire-fighting water. .

Extended information:

Connection technology general requirements

1. Fire hydrant water supply system piping When hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is used inside and outside the wall, welding should not be used. When the system pipeline adopts the inner wall without anti-corrosion pipeline, it can be welded and connected, but the pipeline welding should meet the relevant requirements. Pipes that cannot be welded by automatic sprinkler systems (referred to as alarm valves) should be threaded, grooved or flanged.

2. The galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of >100mm for the fire hydrant water supply system shall be flanged or grooved. The sprinkler system has a pipe diameter of >100mm. It is not clear that the thread connection cannot be used. It is only required to provide a flange connection or a groove connection point at a certain distance on the pipe section with a pipe diameter of ≥100 mm.

3. Fire hydrant water supply system and automatic sprinkler system piping. When flange connection is used, threaded flange is recommended. When welding flange is used, secondary galvanizing should be carried out.

4. When any pipe section needs to change the pipe diameter, the standard diameter pipe joints and pipe fittings should be used.