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High Temperature Adhesive Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Insulating Adhesive Tape, Special Adhesive Tape

Sep 11, 2017

Is the kind of high temperature adhesive tape tape high temperature, generally ability 260 degrees of high temperature is high temperature adhesive tape in the strict sense, commonly used in a variety of PCB board, PCB board to because of wave crest solder and solder, is high temperature, it is necessary to use high temperature adhesive tape

Double sided tape is easy to understand, his layer can be ripped off from the end of the paper, tape only general two broken stuff up from the surface, to form a whole, is a flat use tape, double-sided tape is affixed in a plane, also can make the other one side of the isolation paper torn down, this side is sticky, can be attached to other stuff, that is to say, the two face together

Insulating tape is used in a variety of electronic equipment, with tape sticking in the surface of the electronic product, and tape Dongdong under the above products can be insulated, its insulation performance is better than a lot of ordinary tape, insulation products for ordinary, although it can be insulated, but there is no guarantee

According to the layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is different to the classification, refers to the increase of viscosity to the optimum value of the tape is referred to by the pressure, pressure sensitive adhesive tape using are pressure sensitive adhesive tape, high temperature tape, double-sided tape, in front of the insulating tape are generally pressure-sensitive adhesive tape

Die tape is a fuzzy concept, should be a verb phrase, rather than the name, tape are generally cutting, cutting into the expected size to attach, say, "they can die tape"

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