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Glass Cloth Tape

Jun 14, 2017

Glass cloth Tape is a 0.18-0.22 thick imported glass cloth coated high-performance silicone tape.

Glass cloth Tape is 0.13mm Thick imported glass cloth coated high-performance silica gel, adhesive tape Adhesive thickness 0.18mm. 02mm, products with good temperature resistance (260), strong adhesion, strength and tear-resistant characteristics, applied to H-class heat-resistant insulation lashing, a variety of high-temperature sand spray protection and lithium manganese battery insulation and other high strength insulation protection. Tape cost-effective, tape use in the performance can completely replace the 3m-69 and other imported glass cloth tape domestic now has a large number of applications in air-conditioning appliances, automotive electronics, digital electronics and other high-temperature insulation protection occasions.