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Foam Tape Selection Method

Apr 27, 2018

Foam tape in use is very convenient, in many places can use adhesive tape, because it brings very much convenience for everyone, so since it is so popular, and what are the skills of choose and buy it? Today, I would like to introduce the method of purchasing this product. I hope it can help you.

We may choose to buy foam tape at a lower price or according to the manufacturer's suggestion. But at present our country's adhesive tape factory is very much, the product in the market is also fish and dragon mixed, dazzling. When buying, be sure to polish your eyes and do not buy blindly. First we have to choose one method is to use the hand feeling about sticky tape, whether can satisfy the use requirement of our actual, because a lot of choose bad quality of adhesive tape, made the product viscosity is low, in the long run will also fail. The other thing is that if the smell of the tape is very pungent, the quality of the tape is not acceptable, so please don't buy it. If it is the same width, we can judge the quality by the thickness of the sheet and the pressure of the tape. We try to choose sticky tape that is high in viscosity and not easy to pull.

The above article is about the methods of buying foam tape. You must remember these methods, and you will definitely help when you buy this product later. If you have another supplement, you are welcome to contact our website customer service for communication. We are always online, waiting for your consultation and wish you a happy life.