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Car Foam Tape

Dec 31, 2017

It is widely used in automobile interior ornaments, door ornaments, rain gear, sticker and fixing of signs, etc. Strong adhesion, good shock absorption and weatherability. The adhesive between cars, motorcycle signs, household appliances, engineering decoration, curtain wall structural adhesion and fixation.

Car decoration, car glass, car pedal, sealing strip, wave plate, round arc baffle, plate brake lights, the car is fixed at the recessed plate. PE foam tape is based on PE foam, coated on two sides with high efficient acrylic gum.

It has excellent weatherability, waterproof, solvent resistance and aging resistance, providing a good effect on the uneven surface. It is suitable for electronic industry, furniture industry, metal, interior and exterior decoration, logo, famous brand, ornament and so on.

Paste or long time fixed application. Especially in the automobile industry, it has been more and more widely used.